Wildly Creative

Wild Woman Creative is more than Greeting Cards + Art Prints. Discover different kinds of design + creative services available.

I am based out of Santa Fe, but can remotely design your website, catalog, or monthly newsletters + e-blasts!


Website Design

Your website should reflect you and your mission; and should be a place that you feel proud of. I find such a joy in putting together a complete online space and seeing the difference it makes for businesses.

From product placement, photography and descriptions, to the little details such as fonts and theme color, I do it all! I use hosts such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and Squarespace so that once I am done with the design, I can easily show you how to run your website from the control panel. To see sites I have created, take a look at my Portfolio.


Catalog Design

Snail Mail is not a thing of the past! Send out a catalog of your products to retailers, sales reps, and anyone who wants to know more about your business. 

A catalog is a precious thing and takes investment in printing. So have it done right! Included in catalog services is product photography, product descriptions, and a complete online catalog. Printing services are not included, however, I can help you get set up with a printer I trust.


Newsletter + E-Blast marketing

Send out a monthly newsletter to your customer e-mail list giving them the months highlights of products, events, and general good-things-to-know. Every e-mail is thoughtfully put together with product photography, attractive fonts + images, and any information that you would like relayed clearly to the consumer.

E-blasts can also be sent out as a reminder of an upcoming event, or to celebrate special days like the Full Moon or Labor Day. Stuff e-blasts with content that is useful to your clientele and also reminds them of your products + services.


Logo Design

Logos are designed with much thought + care. Each logo begins as a hand-drawn idea and transforms into a digital file for you to place on business cards, flyers, clothing tags, at the top of     e-mails, and more! 

You can choose to have your logo be digitally created or have the charisma of the hand-drawn look. Your logo will be forever yours! It will be sent to you in any size + file type needed for various marketing materials (.jpeg, .png, .pdf). If you'd like help designing business cards or any other marketing materials with your logo, I'd be happy to help and get you set up with a printer.


Tattoo design

Tattoos are amazing, I have a bunch myself. I'd be honored to design your next tattoo!

Take a look at my art to get a feel for my style and shoot me an e-mail with any requests you's like. I will create a line drawing and a color version for reference. Your tattoo design will be forever yours and will not be sold to anyone else. 

For permission to get my current artwork inked, please e-mail me and I can set you up with an ink pass.